Core Expertise

Andy Greenberg

For the business owner who requires a full auction including perhaps hundreds of potential buyers, there are many excellent firms devoted to broad auctions.

However, this does not describe every situation. A subset of business owners believe that the optimal buyer and transaction will come out of a much more targeted process.


  • One-off or focused sell side opportunities
  • Targeted acquisitions
  • Mergers or other strategic combinations
  • Proprietary transactions originated by us


Because GVC is not engaged in extensive counter-party cultivation and is not preparing information materials for parties unfamiliar with a given industry, we are able to apply our expertise across a wider range of industries than the typical boutique investment bank.

We are most conversant with the issues and dynamics in: industrial and consumer products, distribution, business services and some health care services applications. Businesses whose value proposition relies on technology assets, real estate or oil & gas resources are outside of our core expertise.

The GVC approach has turned out to be particularly well suited to the medical device industry, where selling businesses with attractive financial characteristics and proprietary techniques generally do not want to share the “cookbook” with a wide number of parties.T